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About potential using muse and balance in business




In Greek mythology, the muses are the patron goddesses of the arts.

Looking to the muses for inspiration, drawing on our powers of imagination and reflection, what if we took a creative-artistic approach to business?

We see it over and over again: Behind a successful person, more often than not there’s someone who provides encouragement and creative support – their life partner, their business partner, their mother, their father, their coach.

More and more, we find that very successful people draw on support from an entire team of coaches, each focusing on a different aspect of performance, from strategy to fitness, from voice to style, from energy to relaxation.


All of us have the possibility to develop continuously over our lifetimes, to unlock our talents and skills, to experience high inspiration and flow on a consistent basis.

All of us have blind spots: the shadow sides where it’s difficult for us to grow our potential, the obscure areas where we don’t recognize our own unique talents.

My team and I offer a holistic think-tank – combined with tools for focus and awareness – and stretching for the mind.




The Business Muse invokes techniques centered on imagination, pleasure and play to unlock your potential and generate innovative results.

Taking time to relax, along with taking time out between periods of high performance, can give you the clarity you need. This is a choice, often a necessity, that many of us tend to overlook.

You bring out your full potential by being active – and by knowing when to pause.

Coaching from the heart will help you navigate this balance and find your flow.



My team and I work with entrepreneurs, business owners and top executives looking to gain additional awareness and perspective – executives who approach their companies as living organisms, who recognize the symbiosis between their business and each and every one of their stakeholders.

My team and I also coach individuals who want to take effective action, to reflect with purpose, to initiate and to be the change they want to see in the world.

Together with international project partners, we also train executive teams, providing a specific set of tools for leading and communicating with appreciation – the key to successful collaboration.