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Inviting change.

Nature provides us with infinite energy.
Take it. Use it - meaningfully.

You have unique potential. Be curious. Explore new facets of yourself.

Your greatest gift to the world is to live what brings you alive.

My team and I offer coaching for people who want to unleash their extraordinary potential.

A path of inspiration, reflection and play.






My team and I listen carefully to determine your individual wants and needs.

You receive a customized set of

  • Services

  • Formats

  • Tools


1. Individual Coaching

2. Group Coaching / Team Training

Depending on your needs, my team and I provide one-on-one or group coaching/team training.

3. Facilitating

Whenever people come together, there are at least two sides of the same coin:

One side is the enormous potential in all of us, the creative and productive energy each person brings, which can enrich and advance a shared project.

Another side is diversity, the differences in people who come together to work toward common goal. For many teams, it’s often a challenge to embrace this diversity, to utilize and value it.

My team and I specialize in facilitating meetings of diverse groups, creating synergy to achieve great outcomes.

4. Speaking

Small groups and large organizations alike can book me to present impulses and practical examples for stress reduction, clarity and inspiration.



As an individual, learn techniques for RELAXATION, CLARITY AND INSPIRATION

to release and advance your potential.

  • You’ll explore:

  • Your talents

  • Your playful side

  • Your soft side

  • Your happiness

  • Your sense of connection

  • Your breath

Contact us to learn more.

As a team, learn how to create an appreciative, trusting environment where people recognize and bring out the best in their teammates and in themselves.

My team and I love to train using a specific set of communication tools that have transformed a number of teams and enabled them to thrive together.

Discover new ways of interacting and collaborating that have an obvious positive impact on profits, not to mention reducing employee sick leave and absenteeism.

Contact us to request our team coaching portfolio: +49 30 29 666 303