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This Business Muse Blog invites to taking a short break and taking inspiration from what you see and read or from what comes to your mind by this 15-secs-musings.


Celebrating Your Journey

Meike Nittel

2019-01-01_Have a good trip.jpg

Dear wonderful Friends all over the world!

We do not know, how long for our life's journey is booked.

Every day is a gift, to grow with knowledge, with wisdom, with open-heartedness. Let's live every day with attentive consciousness. Let's use every day 2019 as a chance to have special experiences.
I am grateful to share this with more and more people.

I wish you all a fulfilling year - a year with plenty of life-energy, of touching encounters, deep insights, by consciously breathing and all that inspires you.

I am looking forward to an exciting, eventful year.

Greetings from the heart