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This Business Muse Blog invites to taking a short break and taking inspiration from what you see and read or from what comes to your mind by this 15-secs-musings.


Muse and Muße - Muse, Ease and Leisure

Meike Nittel

2016-12-x4_SHINY MOMENTS.jpg

This word play in German with the two terms of
Muse and Muße always makes me smile.

Muse = muse, like in "waiting to be kissed by the muse"
Muße = being at leisure and/or doing with ease

The Bathers, 1899/1904, by Paul Cézanne, French Artist, 1839-1906
They seem to amuse themselves and enjoy being in the moment.

The photo is taken at The Chicago Art Insitute
Amy McCormick Memorial Collection, 1942.457