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This Business Muse Blog invites to taking a short break and taking inspiration from what you see and read or from what comes to your mind by this 15-secs-musings.


Visiting Victoria in her Tiergarten

Meike Nittel

It took me 17 years to finally climb up the 285 steps of the circular stairs of the Berlin Siegessaeule from 1873. Yet since it has been restored and newly gold plated only 5 years ago, it was worthwhile waiting these 12+ years, as the pictures show.

On the most brillant, sun-shiny day of this winter, walking through Tiergarten was the best business meeting of this new year, including workout, great visual output and finishing with a lunch at Café Buchwald - best to go there on a work day, as it is packed on a Sunday.

All batteries reloaded for next battles or win-win-victorious collaboration.