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This Business Muse Blog invites to taking a short break and taking inspiration from what you see and read or from what comes to your mind by this 15-secs-musings.


High flying, outlying and the meaning of success

Meike Nittel

On Febuary, 2nd I am on the way visiting a friend in Leeds, GB. Starting the trip we have great weather and an amazing view onto Berlin. Being high flying.

Years ago I was deeply impressed by Malcom Gladwell's book, Outliers. The Story of Success. The German title of the book is "Überflieger", which has a slightly different nuance in meaning than "Outliers", which translates to "Ausreißer (bei statistischer Betrachtung)".

Not diving any deeper into linguistic or philosophical thoughts I just like to share this one: The meaning of success is being in transition - I stay curious...