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This Business Muse Blog invites to taking a short break and taking inspiration from what you see and read or from what comes to your mind by this 15-secs-musings.



Meike Nittel

What centered - ego, geo, helio, galaxy

The other day, I was inviting my conscious breathing adventurers - in a rather ex-orbitant little introductory speech - to go on this breathing-journey allowing to find aspects of where their heart wants to go, to sense what their body needs and resting their busy minds and intellectual brains for the two hours of meditation.

Some years ago I read the book by Sir Ken Robinson, The Element - How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything (2010). I was deeply impressed, also by some graphics of all planets of our tiny solar system, of other solar systems, of our galaxy and other galaxies way beyond.

What is the right orientation for us? Is it being geo-centered or what we find often ego-centered? Is it helio-centered or should we dare bigger horizons to galaxy-centered?

Together with great projects partners, who like me do coaching from the heart, we support our coachees to find their inner compass, find what their heart wants and needs.

Playing and connecting from the heart resonates with an amazing galaxy of great hearts and solar-plexus all around me, waving and weaving a powerful solar-heart galaxy.

And what great potential if more and more people find and see what is their element, their contribution to the world from their hearts?