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Meike Nittel

Worldspanning, netweaving, deepening the connection

Samples of the Brazillian introductory book to Conscious Capitalism* and the great case study of conscious leader Federico Renzo Grayeb** travelled in autumn 2016 all the way from Brazil to Berlin and arrived before Christmas, to getting lost in a German post office.

Within the 7 days time to pick up the parcel they could not find it any more.

Yet, it must have been refound and returned to sender by the German post: the parcel - safely repacked so that nothing of its content could get lost - arrived back in Sao Paulo end of Febuary 2017.

Soon it will now be travelling with my heavenly-patient Brazilian colleague Thomas to Philadelphia, where we will meet at the spring conference of the likewise world-spanning Conscious Capitalism Network.

For all the Portuguese speaking guests please check out www.capitalismoconscientebrasil.org

The content:
*Fundamentos Do Capitalismo Consciente - Liberando o Espírito para o bem, by Thomas Eckschmidt, Giovanna Gaiarim, Graziela Merlina, Carol Zulueta, 2016
**Leadership and Consciousness - The Three-Ring Model for Integrating Personal and Business Growth, by Federico Renzo Grayeb, 2013